Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
— Mark Twain

Someone out there is inspiring the world, one at a time. Small or big, this is a page to feature one of those incredible acts of humanity. Send me an e-mail using the form on the Welcome Page to submit anyone or anything you wish to be showcased here!

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Taken from the Washington Post

Taken from the Washington Post

 The DC Community

As you may have heard, there were a number of shootings in Navy Yard, Washington DC this morning with casualties and fatalities. Huge thoughts and prayers are in order for those affected. Also, many thank yous to members of the community who are still risking their lives to end this terrible situation.

Taken from https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153117898820398&set=a.10150410942470398.612492.664855397&type=1&theater

Local Muslims in Cairo 

Muslims form a human shield to protect Christians during mass in Cairo. 

The latest spate of violence has led to extremist supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood torching churches all across Egypt. Here, moderate Muslims and other members of the community gather to reinforce the message: "An attack on Coptic Christians is an attack on Egypt."


Taken from http://imgur.com/ndP99

Erik and Torvold, Just two Norwegian men....

...saving a drowning lamb from the ocean. 

The two friends spotted a lamb struggling for its life in the ocean, after it had strayed too far from its flock. The rocks were slippery, but they risked their lives to grab this little lamb.


Image taken from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2317343/Cameron-Lyle-Athlete-retired-donate-bone-marrow-liters-removed.html

Image taken from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2317343/Cameron-Lyle-Athlete-retired-donate-bone-marrow-liters-removed.html

Cameron Lyle, former UNH athlete

He ended his athletic career, to donate his bone marrow to a stranger with leukemia...only weeks before a championship he had worked towards for 8 years. 

Usually a patient will need 5-10 cubic cms of marrow. However, this patient needed 1800, which meant over 200 injections needed to be made in Lyle's back to extract it.

As a former athlete, I know what it means to end a career early. It's not simply about giving up a sport - it's so much more. Huge props to Lyle for his choice. May you find a smile every day.

Sorry about the blur, Corley...

Sorry about the blur, Corley...

Corley Gibbs, ChildFund International

Corley caught me on the streets as a member of ChildFund International, an organisation dedicated to providing impoverished children with the resources and tools to thrive in their environments. A key aspect of their success is that they work with the entire community to ensure the success of their programs.

I was struck by Corley's enthusiasm and knowledge, and ended up walking away with a Welcome packet and a beautiful photo of a newly sponsored child. He really seemed to believe in the good of his organisation -  and that is truly inspiring.


GOOD people know how to have fun.

GOOD people know how to have fun.

Jasmine Wee, GOOD Hong Kong

 A Chapter Leader of GOOD HK and a dear friend of mine, she organizes local monthly events that raise questions about the way we live and work in an enlightening, fun and inspiring manner. 

GOOD HK is part of the larger global movement GOOD (www.good.is), which makes it a mission to increase individual and collective social progress.

Join your local GOOD today!

"GOOD: A community of People who give a damn."

Taken from http://zenhabits.net/about/

Taken from http://zenhabits.net/about/

 Leo Baobuta, ZenHabits

Leo is the creater and writer of the Zen Habits, a blog about finding ways to feel contentment in the hectic, pressure-filled lives that we are often immersed in. According to him, he's just "a regular guy." Maybe, but he's also inspiring, since his blog is one of the Top 25 read blogs in the world.

"It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness."



A Tourist in Brazil
Photo taken by Anonymous

A man gives his shoes to a homeless young woman in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Have you been kind today? 

Taken from http://imgur.com/DBZsx

Taken from Tariq Cheema's google+ profile

Taken from Tariq Cheema's google+ profile

Tariq Cheema - World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists

 Eid Mubarak for my Muslim readers! Dr. Cheema is the founder of a global network, which joins affluent individuals, foundations and corporations dedicated to advance effective and accountable giving. Started in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent fear of giving to Muslim causes, the network seeks to promote transparent philanthropy in all social realms.

"We seek to inspire donors to look to a far wider and more diverse field of giving."


Taken from www.standupfoundation.com

Taken from www.standupfoundation.com

 Ben Cohen - The StandUp Foundation

I met Ben when he visited Georgetown University in late September 2011. A former England Union rugby player, his foundation promotes awareness about the damaging effects of homophobia and bullying, and raises funds to support those who work to achieve this goal. 

"Parents have written to me, sharing painful stories about how their children, who might be perceived to be different, are ruthlessly attacked and scared of their own schools."